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Find out what CNNenEspanol - Escenario has to say about Ricky's tour performance.

You may not like what they say!

Here is the English translation....

"MARIA" one of Ricky's most popular singles, invites us to 'un pasito pa'lante', but last weekend, the Puertorican superstar took a step backwards when he began his world tour in the Miami arena, according to the opinion of the Miami Herald in their Tuesday edition.

"Martin" is a singer with few vocal strengths....a flat interpreter, transformed into a global phenomenon thanks to gifts that have nothing to do with the art of singing and much more with the art of marketing" wrote the daily newspaper.

Martin became world famous thanks to 'la copa de la vida' the official song of the world cup in France with which he opened the concert, and he was also invited to the closing ceremonies in Paris, performing in front of millions of people.

His album 'Vuelve' on Sony, has sold around 4 million copies world wide, including in countries s like, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand heading the list of the most popular singers internationally in Billboard magazine.

His unconditional fans filled the basketball stadium which houses the Miami heat, screaming from start to finish without caring about the quality of the interpretations.

The concert, in which Martin was accompanied by 10 musicians and 4 back up singers, was assisted by a "spectacular staging of lights, fabulous decorations, and other paraphernalia related to providing a mammoth visual experience." added the Herald.

"Martin does not disappoint; said the Herald. 'what he does not accomplish with vocal muscles, he doubles with his body/physical muscles"

Not everything is negative in the article. 'His figure has a presence much more elegant and attractive than the likes of say Enrique Iglesias and Luis Miguel'.

The new Herald ended by stating 'we are talking about an artist whose producers know the story about the goose who laid the golden eggs"