young6 Luis Miguel always possessed a strong voice was born and dreamed of becoming a singer like his dad. One night, he joined his father on stage and was such a success, that he sooned become a regular part of the nightclub act. Not long after that, LM signed a record contract with EMG. His first single, 'Uno Mas Uno Dos Enamorados' was released when Luis was 11 years old, and was his first hit. The first of many appearances on 'Siempre en Doming' soon followed on January 31st, 1982. .menudo....ming a member Menudo was realized, ...urn Puerto Rico.... to fi ... "Ricky Martin"....cd1 .... "Me Amaras" cd26

Those who were not already fans of Ricky became followers when he joined the cast of General Hospital in January of 1994. miguel Ricky played a character named Miguel Morez for about 3 years. This role not only helped Ricky's career, but it also graced the public with a rare positive Latino role model, something which is not commonly seen on North American television. His performance was so impressive, it landed Ricky a coveted role on Broadway's "Les Miserables" playing Marius. Perhaps, it is his role as Miguel which helped expand Ricky's popularity with non-Spanish speaking audiences.

Ricky's 3rd album "A Medio Vivir"(1995)cd3 firmly established Ricky's international power and made him a force to be reckoned with. "Maria", the biggest hit on this album, inspired the organizers of the "World Cup" to ask Ricky to provide the competition with an official theme song. The organizers wanted a song with a "Maria" sound. Of course this song turned out to be "La Copa de la Vida" which appears on Ricky's latest "Vuelve" (1998).cd4 Ricky performed this song at the closing ceremonies of the World Cup before the final between Brazil and France.

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