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Did Ya Know?

Did You Know....

Ricky's favorite things about Puerto Rico are..

"beautiful women, beautiful beaches, great food, great hotels, beautiful rainforest, beautiful weather...I don't know, what else?"*

Favorite Puerto Rican beach is..

"Palominito on the northeast side of the island."*

Ricky's inspirations..

"Anything can be an inspiration for a song. A bumper sticker, for example, America online..who knows"*

How did his mom & dad react to his artistic aspirations?

"My first audition I took my bike and I showed up. I came back home, telling my parents that I was leaving to be an entertainer. I was eleven years old at the time. They started laughing and then, they started crying."*

Ricky's real name is...

Enrique Martin Morales

Ricky's birthdate?

December 24, 1971

On the Price of Fame...

"If I have sacrificed something, it is privacy. But, it is a small price to pay in comparison to what I have received."**

On winning over women...

"I like to conquer, play at being a gentleman, open doors, give flowers"**

Ideal woman....

"First of all, she would have to have Latin blood. I would like her to have spectacular legs and for her to be tall, although I never forget that the best perfumes come in the smallest bottles. She would have to have a juicy mouth. I would like her to have long hair, but I have seen some feminine short hair cuts. But, in the end, it is Cupid who decides."**

*AOL chat with Ricky Martin

**from Vanidades Continental, 1998 no.6

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