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The Gloria Estefan Page
A Brief History

Gloria Maria Fajardo was born January 9, 1957 in Havana, Cuba. The Fajardo-Estefan family moved to Miami upon fleeing from Castro's dictatorship communist government when Gloria was 2 years old. Her father Jose was a courageous soldier who volunteered to serve his adopted country of the United States. He was among the Cuban exiles who participated in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, the unsuccessful attempt to oust Castro from power. Jose spent a year and a half in a Cuban prison for his participation in this military act. Later on, he became ill from Agent Orange after serving in Vietnam. Gloria learned to sing and play the guitar during those difficult years. She would send audio tapes of her singing old Cuban songs to her dad. Gloria found alot of comfort in the music of both her countries, as she would often play the top 40 songs on her guitar for hours in her room. At a wedding, in 1975, her mom prompted her to join the local band which was entertaining the party. That band, The Miami Latin Boys, was lead by a young man named Emilio Estefan (March 4, 1953) who had worked himself up the corporate ladder of BACARDI during the 15 years he worked for that company. Emilio was impressed by how well Gloria sung. She was calm, relaxed and the crowd enjoyed her perfomrance. Gloria agreed to join the band on the condition that she would only sing on the weekends. This condition was due to the fact that while Gloria was already holding down another job, she was also a college student majoring in psychology. Naturally, the band was renamed The Miami Sound Machine. Emilio and Gloria became partners in real life as well as in business. They married the day after her 21st birthday (September 2nd, 1978) Their first child, Nayib was born September 2, 1980. He currently works for Ocean Drive Magazine. He has spent much time touring with his parents, but was raised in large part by his paternal grandmother during the times the Miami SOund Machine was touring and Nayib was not able to join them. The Estefan famiy grew again on December 5th 1994 when Emily Marie was born. The group originated out of the Miami Cuban community, and many of their early recordings were sung in Spanish. Between 1981 and 1983, Miami Sound Machine recorded four Spanish-language albums (Renacer, Otra Vez, Rio, A Toda Máquina) of ballads, sambas, disco and pop songs. The albums spawned dozens of hits in Central and South America, but the Sound Machine's music remained mostly unknown to North American listeners outside of the Latino markets. While they were stars in Latin countries, here in the states they were playing at weddings, bar-mitzvahs and the like. In 1984, it happend. M.S.M. garnered its first reward of international fame with the English-language B-side dance track, "Dr. Beat". The single reached as high as No. 10 on the U.S. dance chart and began a long history of hits including their earlier releases "Conga" (#10), "Bad Boy" (#8), "Words Get in the Way" (#5), "Anything for You" (#1), "1-2-3" (#9) and "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" (#5). Throughout GLoria's successful career, with the Miami sound Machine and after, there have been several big selling albums, and many word tours. However, it was her reverse crossover with MI TIERRA, that allowed her and her husband Emilio to share with the world, on a much more intimate and profound level, their musical heritage from their homeland of Cuba. The result was 1993's brilliant MI TIERRA, which explored classic Cuban music with love and passion that could only be created by an artist who truly understood the meaning and significanc of Cuban music. The production went on to sell four million copies worldwide — including platinum sales in the US — earning Gloria her first Grammy Award (for Best Latin Tropical Album). In Spain, MI TIERRA became the best-selling album in the country's history, certified 11x platinum. In 1995 came the energitc sounding Abriendo Puertas, which expresses a wide variety of Latin musical forms, especially Clomubian rhythms. Again the Estefans won another Grammy in the Best Latin Tropical Album category. This album generated two No. 1 dance hits, "Abriendo Puertas" and "Tres Deseos," and two No. 1 Latin singles, "Abriendo Puertas" and "Mas Alla." Here are a few excerpts from reviews; Gloria! [Longbox] * Epic 1998 Gloria! * Epic 1998 Destiny [ECD] Epic 1996 Abriendo Puertas Epic 1995 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Epic 1994 Christmas Through Your Eyes Epic 1993 Mi Tierra Epic 1993 Greatest Hits Epic 1992 Into The Light Epic 1991 Cuts Both Ways Epic 1989 Let It Loose Epic 1987 Let It Loose [Gold Disc] Master Sound/Legacy 1987 Primitive Love Epic 1985 Eyes Of Innocence Epic Heaven's What I Feel [Maxi Single] Epic 1998 No Pretendo [Single] Epic 1998 Let It Loose/Cuts Both... [Box] Epic 1998 Don't Let This Moment End [Maxi Single] Epic 1998 Don't Let This Moment End [Single] Epic 1998 Don't Stop! [VIDEO] Epic Music Video 1998 Reach [Single] Epic 1996 Reach [Maxi Single] Epic 1996 I'm Not Giving You Up [Single] Epic 1996 The Evolution Tour: Live In Miami [VIDEO] Epic Music Video 1996 I'm Not Giving You Up [Maxi Single] Epic 1996 You'll Be Mine (Party Time) [Maxi Single] Epic 1996 You'll Be Mine (Party Time) [Single] Epic 1996 Abriendo Puertas [Maxi Single] Epic 1995 Everlasting Gloria Epic Music Video 1995 Everlasting Love [Maxi Single] Epic 1995 Everlasting Love [Single] Epic 1995 Turn The Beat Around [Single] Epic 1994 Turn The Beat Around [Maxi Single] Epic 1994 Go Away [Single] Epic 1993 Mi Tierra [Maxi Single] Epic 1993 Tradicion [Maxi Single] Epic 1993 I See Your Smile [Single] Epic 1993 Go Away [Maxi Single] Epic 1993 Always Tomorrow [Single] Epic 1992 Can't Forget You [Single] Epic 1991 Seal Our Fate [Single] Epic 1991 Coming Out Of The Dark - Into The Light Sony Music Videos 1991 Evolution Image Entertainment 1990 Homecoming Concert Image Entertainment 1989 Coming Out Of The Dark [Single] Epic Live For Loving You [Single] Epic Dance With Me Epic 1998 VH1 Divas Live Epic 1998 Superstar Christmas Epic 1997 The Greatest Dance Album In... Epic 1997 1997 Grammy Nominees Chronicles 1997 A Home For The Holidays Mercury 1997 Diana Princess Of Wales Tribute Columbia 1997 Voces Unidas EMI Latin 1996 Club Epic Vol. 4 Epic 1996 Siren Song: A Celebration Of Women In Music 550 Music 1996 Rhythm Of The Games: 1996 Olympic Games Album LaFace 1996 Billboard Top Hits 1985-1989 [Box] Rhino Records 1995 Billboard Top Hits 1985-1989 [Box] Rhino Records 1995 Gigantes De La Cancion Globo Records 1994 The Specialist - The Remixes Epic 1994 The Specialist - The Remixes Epic 1994 Billboard Top Hits 1988 Rhino Records 1994 The Specialist Epic 1994 The Specialist Epic 1994 Billboard Top Hits 1989 Rhino Records 1994 Hey Mr. D.J.: The 4th Compilation Epic 1993 Cosmopolitan, Vol. 7 Sandstone Music 1993 Made In America Elektra Entertainment 1993 Til Their Eyes Shine - The Lullaby Album Columbia 1992 Cobra Scotti Brothers 1992 Club Epic Vol. 2 Legacy Records 1992 Top Gun Columbia 1986 The Heart Of Soul Columbia Rude Awakening Elektra Entertainment Goya...A Life In Song Columbia
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